About us

At Mount Arbor, we're more than an IT services company; we're your strategic partners in business innovation.

Grounded on the principles of flexibility, dependability, and continuity, we are a dynamic team that brings the best experts on board for your unique needs.

We connect the dots between technology and business growth, transforming your vision into reality.

Meet your guides

Andrew McAvinchey
Managing Director

Andrew McAvinchey is a seasoned professional with a unique background encompassing IT, marketing, and business consultancy. His diverse experience and ability to perform at a high level in various disciplines allow him to view your business challenges from a broad perspective. Deftly weaving together marketing, innovation, and digital strategy, Andrew delivers unparalleled solutions that elevate your business to new heights.

Eva Lennox
CFO and Co-Founder

Every successful venture needs a strong backbone, and that’s where Eva Lennox comes in. Managing accounts and administration at Mount Arbor, Eva ensures a seamless, efficient operation, allowing us to focus on delivering top-tier service to our clients.

Our extended team

Our extended team is a handpicked network of dedicated, independent professionals who embody the highest standards in their fields.

These professionals, including our Operations Director, Design Director, and Web Developer, work closely with us, enabling us to deliver tailor-made, top-tier solutions.

We have built robust partnerships with industry-leading companies like Intercom and HubSpot, enhancing the depth and breadth of the services we can provide.

your team, tailored for you

Nicu Enache

A revenue operations specialist at Mount Arbor, Nicu has a knack for identifying untapped revenue opportunities. His expertise in process optimization, data analysis, customer retention, and pricing optimisation has helped clients break through sales barriers and achieve unprecedented success.

Megan Clancy

Megan transforms complex ideas into stunning designs. Known for her ability to balance aesthetics with commercial considerations, she excels in creating standout branding, wireframes, websites, logos, and sales materials. She made her mark with an AI project, delivering unique and accessible marketing concepts.

Digital Marketing Partners

As exclusive partners with Digifianz, a leading digital marketing agency, we're able to offer our clients a unique blend of technical and creative expertise. This partnership allows us to provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with our clients' goals and objectives.

Andrei Stoica
Website Development

As owner of Stoica, a web development agency, Andrei offers outstanding custom web design support. With expertise in user interface design and SEO, he's served international clients across industries for over nine years. His fixed-term secondments have provided clients with seamless, high-level interim support.

Passing the Torch
Empowering your business.
At Mount Arbor, we're passionate about empowering your business. Once we've set you on the path to digital transformation, we’re comfortable passing the torch to your internal team. We aren't after retainers; we're after tangible, lasting results.

Our goal is to guide your business through the challenges of the digital landscape, always working towards a brighter future. Let's embark on this journey together.
"Revenue Operations is at the forefront of a paradigm shift...To view the buyer’s journey as a seamless thread across multiple people, systems, and value propositions"
- Sales Hacker


To bring people's stories to light so their true vision can flow.

Mount Arbor operates on a unique model by design. We meticulously form teams from an exclusive network of professionals, ensuring you receive the best expertise for your unique needs. Our team includes the exceptional talents of Nicu, Megan, and Andrei, who bring years of trust, camaraderie, and success to our projects.

At Mount Arbor, we understand that projects require continuity and commitment. Our working model is designed to alleviate the risks associated with freelance work. We strategically distribute tasks amongst experts to ensure cost-effective, efficient, and successful project completion.

We value transparency. Our team members aren’t employees – they’re skilled partners who help us deliver optimal solutions on time. At Mount Arbor, we aren't just an IT services company, we're a network of handpicked experts, strategically assembled to bring your vision to life.

Our Values Are:
Ahimsa ('Do No Harm')