Zutec Intl: Mount Arbor Helped newly listed NASDAQ North company grow 20%
November 20, 2020

As a newly listed public company on NASDAQ North, Zutec need to establish revenue operations and demonstrate viable growth to the market. We were hired as 'Interim Revenue Operations Manager' for Zutec to establish a fast route to growth. We were also challenged to build a new sales pipeline for an innovative SaaS product line coming from established Enterprise sales in international markets. Zutec customers include the Shard in London, Wembley Stadium, Qatar Airport in the Middle East and a rapidly expanding market in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Challenges to B2B Revenue Growth:

1. Targeting inappropriate audiences.

2. Inconsistent Marketing and Sales messaging.

3. Lack of Pre-Qualification and wasted sales efforts for low reward, especially in the early stages of Enterprise Sales (Awareness Stage).

4. Lack of follow up on top prioritiy leads and opportunities. With a high average contract value, this also presented the biggest opportunity for revenue growth.

5. Accurate pipeline reporting. As a publicly listed company, Zutec wanted to build transparency and performance into the DNA of revenue operations.

"Andrew impressed me by coming into our company and immediately understanding our vision and then relaying to us how we could get there. His ability to get his point across and get everyone in the organisation pulling in the same direction is extraordinary."
Brendan O'Riordan
CEO, Zutec Intl. Ltd

We established a world class Revenue Operations sales system to help Zutec to grow reliably.

The Results

Mount Arbor helped to grow Zutec Revenue in a new line of SaaS products

Revenue increase of 20% in 4th quarter

Revenue increased by 13% overall from Q2-2019 to Q1-2020

UK growth 18%

Increase 21% in July 2019 compared to previous year

‘SaaS only’ business increased +40%