Mount Arbor helped Engage EHS accelerate operations for company acquisition in January 2021
April 5, 2021

The Engage EHS sales process was a little messy, with inconsistency on how the sales team followed up leads. There was also limited accountability – neither the sales team nor managers could see if targets were being met. 

Engage EHS had good marketing content but it wasn’t structured in a way that sales people could use properly. Operations were sporadic, spread out and spiralling out of control. They needed a concrete process to follow and track.

Executive Summary 

Engage EHS had a sales playbook but it was disorganised. They needed a revenue operations and sales playbook that provided a clear purpose. They were also not that familiar with HubSpot’s tools.

“When we started we were pretty disorganised. We didn’t have a clear process for revenue operations and neither the sales team nor we as managers could see whether we were doing a good job or not.” 

Mount Arbor provided intensive training, creating a comprehensive playbook and advice on how to use Hubspot to its full potential, resulting in a neater process and optimised tech stack.

“I would recommend Mount Arbor to any company that is even thinking about changing to HubSpot CRM. Any similar size companies to us that are striving for best practice and who know they’re probably not using the solution in the best way and need a helping hand should reach out.”
Darragh Geoghegan, CEO
Engage EHS (part of EcoOnline Group)

Mount Arbor put a strategic project plan in place to help Engage EHS achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. With weekly tasks and targets, Engage EHS managers were able to take on board a lot of information in a short space of time. A neat, clear, consistent process was developed which could be the team’s “bible” moving forward. 

“Andrew definitely had a deep understanding of HubSpot when we talked to him. He’d worked in the CRM, he had the experience and understood what we were trying to do pretty quickly.”

Andrew McAvinchey (CEO of Mount Arbor) also provided training on how to use HubSpot sequences and workflows effectively, assuring proper follow-ups for sales and effective task management. With better clarity through activity dashboards, both the sales team and managers were able to see how well they were doing. 

“Sequences and workflows allowed us to have a proper follow-up and receive reminders for task management as well. That made a huge difference for the sales team. Currently people working for us are far more efficient in terms of task completion than before.”

Results & Return on Investment 

A comprehensive and effective sales playbook was put in place with clarity on the process for everyone. 

There was a big impact on brand communications and brand messaging.

”We basically wanted to get the playbook sorted and use the system better but there was a whole pile of communications advances that we got from the project.”

Engage EHS moved from obscure processes and older sales stages and structures to becoming more task-focused. There’s now clarity both for the sales team and sales management, understanding where the deal actually is and it has become easier to pinpoint progress and sales. 

The sales process has become less subjective and more based around key milestones in the deal. 

Future Plans 

Engage EHS was acquired by EcoOnline a couple of months after the completion of our project. 

“The value of the deal was not announced, but is believed to be about €15 million. Engage EHS, which specialises in environment, health and safety technology, will join EcoOnline’s portfolio of companies, which cater for 6,500 customers in 86 industries.” Source: Irish Times

Darragh Geoghegan, CEO of Engage EHS, has this to say about the future:

“Since the acquisition, our new partners have been impressed with our processes and ability to generate leads. Continued innovation is now also possible, including prospecting with video and trying new trends. I don’t see why another business wouldn’t benefit from working with Mount Arbor. Andrew shows the ability to adapt himself and the team very well. I don’t see why they couldn’t adapt to any sort of business really.”