This operations management case study discusses how Mount Arbor helped Compliance and Risks to surpass revenue targets by 30% year over year. We did this by designing and delivering a digital transformation program that included training and implementation. This program streamlined their processes and allowed them to connect their 3rd party systems. We also provided personnel to support their RevOps function and trained new hires at the leadership level. Finally, we created a 'Lead to Order Playbook' that was instrumental in demonstrating the value of the company during its expansion and acquisition by Luminate Partners.
April 16, 2022

Compliance & Risks are a software company serving an international B2B market from Cork, Ireland. Their mission is to help ensure global companies have the tools to build consumers safe, sustainable, products in a world full of change. Compliance & Risks is a database of product regulations, standards, and requirements that businesses need to help sell their products and services internationally. It was established by Damien McGovern in 2002 and is directed by CEO Joe Skulski. Bose, Tesla, Vaillant, Unisys, Samsung, and Fujitsu are among its current customers. It has offices in Cork and Brussels as well as offices in Buffalo and London.

When Compliance & Risks needed to boost revenue, they turned to Mount Arbor for help.

We designed and delivered a program for digital transformation of Revenue Operations from 2020-2022, which included training and implementation.

This helped the company exceed its revenue targets by 30% YoY and streamline its processes. We also designed Compliance and Risk's HubSpot CRM data strategy, integrated 3rd party systems, provided personnel to support the RevOps function, and trained and onboarded key hires. Thanks to our efforts, Compliance and Risks is now well-positioned for continued success, following a successful acquisition by Luminate Partners this year.

With a multimillion-euro investment, Luminate has taken complete control of the firm. Compliance & Risks considers the investment "significant," and it will use the chance to grow its technology, services, client base, and global workforce. According on sources speaking with The Irish Times , this could lead to the creation of up to 100 new jobs over the next two years at Luminate.

How Mount Arbor transformed Operations at Compliance and Risks

In today's business world, the ability to generate revenue is more important than ever. But for many companies, achieving this goal is easier said than done. That's where Mount Arbor comes in. We specialise in helping companies boost their revenue through effective and efficient operations.

Our first step was to discover why such a successful company in hyper-growth mode was 'hitting a wall'. We began with a full audit of sales, marketing and customer success operations. What we found was that although the teams were highly organised, the data they were using to track the buyer journey in order to sell was not.

In order to fix the revenue problem, we provided a dedicated resource to manage operations remotely in the cloud, applying expertise from state-of-the-art HubSpot implementations to the unique context of the business. Rather than do a one-off implementation project, we instead provided continuous improvement on a daily basis with the end-goal in mind at all times (=revenue growth)

"Thanks to Mount Arbor, we were able to exceed our revenue goals by 30% year over year. They helped us streamline our processes and connect our 3rd party systems. We couldn't have done it without them!" - Compliance and Risks
Compliance & Risks

The Perfect CRM

The CRM was in continuous use by the entire organisation, including the product team, and was helping the company to grow. However, in recent months, deals had stalled, forecasts had lost their accuracy and the product team had begun to struggle with the huge variety of categories and line items that were being sold by the sales team to each new customer.

We were able to help Compliance & Risks turn things around by designing and delivering a program for digital transformation of Revenue Operations. This included training on how to use new tools and processes, as well as implementation support.

Following the Mount Arbor Sales Playbook, we were able to reconfigure processes and data at Compliance & Risks so that they were aligned across the organisation. Beginning with the organisation of data, including the cleanup of a vast database of contacts, customers and notes, we removed anything unnecessary in the CRM. By taking out the noise, the team were once again able to track the entire buyer journey whether at the office or on the road.

Since we were working through the Covid pandemic and remote selling was essential to Compliance & Risks, we also made it easy to track leads, opportunities and sales at any point in the sales process.

By referring to the CRM, the Compliance & Risks team were quickly able to identify leads and track customers with ease.

We created a glossary that we drew up to guide everyone on the correct use of data and custom fields so that the CRM wouldn't become bloated with data again in the future.

We also completely reworked the sales approach, eliminating superfluous deal stages that were clouding our sales forecasts and reporting capabilities each quarter.

Automated Leads

Tracking leads from the time they are generated through the sales process all the way to closing is an important feature of a successful sales engine. For a firm in hyper-growth mode with considerable contract value, it was critical that no leads were lost throughout the process.

To automate the process, we integrated HubSpot with 3rd party systems, including the company's customer service platform.

The sales team were then able to log into their CRM at any time to check the status of a lead and update it accordingly.

We also set up an automated system using HubSpot so that sales people would receive updates and alerts on the progress of their deals even if they weren't logged into the CRM themselves. If a lead appeared through marketing channels via the website or anywhere else, they were quickly assigned as a 'Priority Assignment' to the correct salesperson for fast follow up.

Every activity was tracked on custom dashboards so that key accounts were tracked and account based marketing activity led to meaningful conversations with sales.

This helped to keep leads engaged and updated throughout the sales process, and ultimately resulted in more closed deals.

Frictionless Selling

Our next challenge was to make it easier for salespeople to sell.

Compliance & Risks offer a unique yet complex solution to multinational clients including Bose, Samsung, Weber, GE Healthcare and Miele. Every customer is different.

We were able to use HubSpot to tailor a custom solution for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) at Compliance & Risks.

To free the product catalogue and make it simpler for salespeople to select from a variety of solutions for each client, we utilized built-in functionality as well as custom code and full use of the Products object in HubSpot. This improved the customer experience considerably, allowing salespeople to focus on the client with the greatest potential value in each transaction.

The sales team were also able to use the Playbooks feature and automated tools in HubSpot Sales Hub to automatically assign and sequence tasks for themselves and their colleagues.

This helped to move deals through the pipeline more quickly and improved communication between the sales and operations teams.

Ultimately, this resulted in a shorter sales cycle and more closed deals.

We worked closely with the marketing team to improve seamless delivery of leads to the sales team, follow up on valuable passive leads who needed further nurturing by Marketing, and upsell/cross-sell opportunities in the Customer Success department.

Overall this led to increased revenue, more value for the customer, and a better customer experience.

Improved Reporting & Data Quality

The final piece of the puzzle was improving reporting capabilities and data quality.

In order to streamline revenue operations, we needed to have visibility into every stage of the sales process.

We designed custom reports and dashboards in HubSpot that gave us greater insight into our leads, opportunities and customers. We also integrated 3rd party reporting tools so that every piece of data could be analysed for improved sales.

We were also able to track progress against revenue targets. Performance was improved across the board using goals and improved visibility of the pipeline. Goals helped us achieve significant gains in all areas. With access to the pipeline, management was better positioned to mentor effectively.

Accurate reporting and an efficient sales and marketing engine that could be shown to work was essential. When it came to Compliance & Risks being acquired, our improved dashboards were instrumental in demonstrating the value.


Solution: Delivered a continuous program for digital transformation of Operations including training and implementation

Results: Exceeded revenue goals by 30% year over year, streamlined operations, implemented a HubSpot CRM data strategy, connected 3rd party systems, assigned personnel to assist with the RevOps function, trained and onboarded important hires at the leadership level, created a ‘Lead to Order Playbook' for expansion and acquisition by Luminate Partners.