5 Steps to Predictable Revenue

We prefer to consult with you before presenting an outbound sales strategy and project plan that is tailor made for your sales organisation.

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Our consultancy package offers our B2B Sales Clients a proven, systematic approach to delivering more value for your customers; this translates to more sales and predictable growth for your business. We partner with sales leaders at the executive level (CEO/Head of Sales) to create a reliable sales system tailored to your business.

Our unique engagement roadmap follows 5 clear steps that deliver value at every stage.

Mount Arbor Sales Flywheel

  1. The Sales Call: Discovery of your current state and a map to your success
  2. The Guide: A strategic blueprint for your messaging that becomes a key component in your communications strategy.
  3. The Sales Journey: Your sales roadmap and go to market strategy that will establish what you need to achieve your revenue targets. This detailed sales process will align the sales and marketing teams with a unified vision.
  4. Sales Transformer: Outbound sales training and systems to transform your business into a modern sales machine
  5. The Master Program: standard operating procedures, technology and reporting that align your sales and marketing teams and provide the foundation for future growth.
Simply introducing active reporting to your team can increase your revenue by 10%. Working with an expert sales consultant can increase your win rate, encourage repeat business and optimise pricing, multiplying your pipeline and revenue exponentially - just 1% improvement every day can 4X your revenue in a matter of months.

Our pricing is reflective of the value we offer our clients and is measurably matched to ROI (Return on Investment).

We typically speak with a client several times in order to understand your business, challenges, pain points and goals before presenting you with an outbound sales strategy and project plan that is tailor made for your sales organisation.

Standard Services:

If you’re looking for an entry point to digital sales and marketing systems that work for your team progressively, we also offer standard services in the following areas:

  • CRM Implementation: HubSpot CRM is FREE, and HubSpot Sales Professional and Enterprise presents our clients with an alternative to Salesforce that is on average 70% less expensive once implementation is complete.
  • HubSpot Website Support Services, Design and Implementation: Project based, or retainer contract for ongoing services
  • HubSpot Marketing Support Services: Project based, or retainer contract for ongoing services
  • Inside Sales support and training: Project based, or retainer contract for ongoing services
  • Lead generation services and pipeline development: We offer our clients a sophisticated system for lead generation that takes the place of a Business Development Rep in your business - bringing in up to 10 times more qualified appointments with qualified leads
  • Data migrations: migrating from other CRMs, importing or exporting data to your sales platforms, cleaning up your data in HubSpot or other data related services
  • Application integrations: we offer a range of integration services for the HubSpot platform, including a way to connect your accounting system (e.g. Quickbooks) with your CRM and sales pipeline for easier accounting practices and integrated systems.

Workshops and Training:

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment (SMA) workshops: 1 or 2 day workshops to align your team around common, measurable goals that can be tracked for ROI and the strategies to reach them.
  • Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) workshops: 1 or 2 day workshops to introduce a common structured framework to grow your business. Outputs and Benefits: includes a CRM Glossary and Playbooks that will help your sales and marketing teams speak the same language when it comes to tracking and converting leads to customers in your sales organisation.
  • Customer Journey Mapping workshops: 1 day workshop to align your team around a common customer journey that delivers a unified approach to delivering value for your customer at every step before, during and after they’ve bought from you. Outputs and Benefits: includes Personas to use in your marketing automation, a defined content strategy for every step in your funnel, and a framework for your core messaging that you can use in all your communications.

Pricing: Please get in touch to find out more about our tailor made packages for your sales and marketing organisation.

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Andrew McAvinchey, Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew McAvinchey


Our services range from entry level CRM implementations and workshops to long term engagements with our clients to develop sales and marketing teams, train your staff in modern selling techniques and methodologies, and the application of digital technology to increase efficiency, introduce accountability to sales and create a company that grows sustainably while fostering the values and vision of your company.

Talk to us to find out more about how we make sure every initiative you undertake is leveraged to deliver the maximum impact while keeping everyone on the same page in your business.