Unlock Digital Transformation with Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit

April 14, 2023

This article provides an overview of the Digital Discovery Audit offered by Mount Arbor, as well as information about grant funding available to qualifying companies in Ireland. It explains the three main types of business audit and the various benefits associated with a digital audit, such as increased efficiency and access to technology and data analytics capabilities. Additionally, it outlines how Mount Arbor’s Digital Discovery Audit can help unlock the potential of digital transformation within an organisation. Finally, it encourages readers to book a meeting with one of Mount Arbor's experts to get started on their Digital Discovery Audit journey.

Digital transformation is no longer an optional advantage for businesses in the current digital economy - it's a necessity. Without the right systems and processes in place to take advantage of technology, organisations can find themselves stuck in their old ways and unable to keep up with rapid advancements happening all around them. That’s where Mount Arbor’s Digital Discovery Audit comes into play. We provide comprehensive evaluations of existing systems and technologies as well as analysis on how your organisation can evolve its operations using cutting-edge tools and innovations. Our audit gives business owners, CEOs, team leaders, and other professionals alike a clearer path towards unlocking the potential of digital transformation so that they can remain competitive today -and beyond.

Introducing Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit

Are you looking to transform the way your business operates by unlocking its digital potential? Look no further than Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit. Our comprehensive audit will help you identify areas that need improvement, evaluating your existing systems, processes and technologies. With our expert advice and state-of-the-art technology, you can move forward with confidence as you embark on your digital transformation journey.

What Does the Digital Discovery Audit Include and What Benefits Will It Bring to Your Business?

The Digital Discovery audit from Mount Arbor offers businesses the chance to assess their existing digital structures and maximise the potential of their digital transformation. Our in-depth evaluation covers your current systems, processes, and tools - giving you a comprehensive understanding of where improvements can be made. Having a clear picture of your digital setup is invaluable for implementing meaningful changes that will bring tangible benefits to your business operations: increased efficiency, improved customer experience, streamlined workflow management and more.

How Does Mount Arbor Use Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Discovery Process

At Mount Arbor, we have combined the best of both worlds—data analytics and artificial intelligence—to take your digital discovery process to the next level. From the moment we begin our audit, we gather data points that help guide our AI-driven analysis. This process allows us to understand where existing systems and processes may need streamlining or updating and provide disruptive solutions for long-term success. Furthermore, our comprehensive audit is designed to uncover areas of opportunity by harvesting previously untapped sources of data on platforms otherwise ignored. Our goal is to help businesses unlock their potential with cutting edge technology in order to stay competitive in an ever-evolving business environment.

Irish businesses can transform their processes, systems and people with digital technology at low cost

The Advantages of a Comprehensive Digital Transformation Audit

Businesses of all sizes are quickly recognising the many benefits of digital transformation. With it, they can boost operational efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. However, many don’t know where to start. Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery audit is an invaluable tool that enables companies to unlock the true potential of digital transformation in their business by providing them with a comprehensive evaluation of their existing systems, processes, and technologies. By closely examining each one individually, businesses can gain new insights on how to leverage digital solutions to their advantage – leading to streamlined operations and improved outcomes for customers and the organisation alike.

What's included in a digital audit?

Our digital audit inspects the current value of your online and offline assets, and the technologies supporting your business growth. We look at the customer experience, the employee experience, your market, and the overall business. Through this examination, we can determine if your business is using digital to its fullest potential and what actions can be taken in order to transition you to more efficient and better performing digital systems and processes. Additionally, our audit will include an assessment of offline processes with the aim of uncovering automation opportunities or any other methods that could improve workflow efficiency and growth.

When considering your digital presence, it is important to think about every time a customer interacts with your team or your brand through digital channels. This is not exclusive to your digital marketing channels such as social media or digital advertising channels. You've also got to consider sales, customer success and operations as potential customer touch-points in your digital journey, and build accordingly.

Can you explain the process that Mount Arbor follows for conducting a digital audit?

We use a combination of industry best practices, market intelligence and a thorough exploration of your current processes and technologies to ensure that our recommendations are tailored for your specific business needs. We also take into account the commercial objectives, competitive landscape and resources available at your organisation before making any suggestions on how to move forward with digital transformation. Finally, we will review the data collected and provide a comprehensive report that outlines recommendations and potential areas of improvement.

The entire process takes about 8 weeks to complete.

How to Prepare for the Digital Discovery Audit

Preparing for a Digital Discovery audit allows companies to maximise the potential of their digital transformation journey. The best way to get ready for any audit is to map out the processes in your organisation that use technology, and be aware of where automation already exists. Also look at anywhere you are repeating processes or tasks on a regular basis, even if technology isn't involved. For example, your salespeople might regularly have to input information to your CRM using a manual process, adding hours to their weekly workload that could be replaced by automation technology.

Gather any relevant data such as how long it takes staff members to complete processes, and analyse the current systems used in your workflow. Knowing the methods you employ currently and what tools have been used in your workflow will help Mount Arbor better identify opportunities to improve digital efficiency and provide advice on areas of improvement. Being able to accurately convey these details during the consultation process will assist Mount Arbor in maximising your company's return on investment.

What's included in the digital roadmap you receive after a Digital Discovery Audit from Mount Arbor?

The digital roadmap from Mount Arbor is our detailed plan for how your organisation should take advantage of common and emerging digital technologies available in order to become more efficient, profitable and competitive. This document includes all of the steps necessary to implement the digital strategy, as well as an estimated timeline and budget. Additionally, the roadmap will identify potential risks associated with the transition and provide solutions to mitigate them. It also includes a review of your existing systems and processes to ensure that all elements are in sync with one another for seamless integration into any new digital initiatives.

How long does a digital audit take?

Depending on your business, your digital Discovery audit can take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete.

FInd the hidden opportunities and gaps in your business with a digital discovery audit from Mount Arbor

Can I get funding for a digital audit?

Yes! Enterprise Ireland offers grant funding for qualifying companies in Ireland to cover the cost of a digital audit. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about getting started with

What are the 3 types of business audits?

There are 3 main types of audit you need for your business: compliance, financial and digital audits. A compliance audit will assess whether your business is compliant with applicable regulations and rules. A financial audit will evaluate the accuracy of your financial statements, whereas a digital audit will review current marketing technologies (such as CRM systems, customer experience and analytics tools) to ensure they are up to date and being used correctly. Additionally, a digital audit will review third-party service providers (such as networks, content partners or integrated technology) for optimisation opportunities.

At Mount Arbor, we specialise in digital audits, which provide a comprehensive review of your current systems and processes to ensure that all elements are in sync with one another for seamless integration into any new digital initiatives.

Our team is here to help you make sense of the complexities within your organisation and provide clear, actionable steps for unlocking the potential of digital transformation. Get in touch today.

A Digital Discovery for your business is the first step towards doing the things you know you should be doing, but have trouble prioritising, resourcing or investing in without worrying about whether you've made the right decision. We will help you assess best practices in your industry, uncover what your competitors are doing to excel and find unique opportunities for you to accelerate your growth with digital technology.

Get Started with Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit Today

Unlock the potential of digital transformation with Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit. Our comprehensive audit evaluates your existing systems, processes and technologies, helping to identify where improvements can be made and any current gaps which could be exploited. 

Mount Arbor's Digital Discovery Audit represents an opportunity to increase efficiency and success while accessing a range of technology and data analytics capabilities for your business. Most importantly, these advantages accompany almost immediate implementation with no time lost on understanding or refining methods.

Think of it your Digital Discovery Audit as a first analysis of your organisation free from biases and preconceived notions - a chance for your team to start fresh with the help of our experts.

So if you're ready to hit the ground running, book an exploratory meeting with one of our team members today.

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